What are the APP development processes?
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The general APP development and online process steps are as follows:
Do APP software development, this article involves the APP development process. You need to understand. First of all, to make an app, you must have a related idea (intention), that is, the first step is the formation of the idea of ​​the app. It is said that the APP mainly needs to be used, and then the user needs analysis is performed based on the user's requirements. Secondly, through the idea of ​​the main function design of the APP and the approximate interface concept and design, that is, the design of the flow chart (mind map).
In the case that the function and implementation value are basically finalized, the project evaluation phase is started and a preliminary project schedule is established. In the case where the preliminary work of the series is approved by the customer, the contract is officially started. The design department began to design the UI (product interface) and UE (user experience), and carried out creative design for the product to form a preliminary rendering, which was confirmed by the first customer. According to the specific results of the exchange, the second modification will be carried out, and finally the high-fidelity visual map will be confirmed with the customer.
Start entering the research and development stage:
1. Database construction According to the requirements analysis, the functional data processing situation, establish a reasonable database table structure, optimize the data algorithm, improve the data processing efficiency, ensure the security, accuracy, stability and data in the process of using APP Timeliness.
2. Server development The core processing of an APP application is completed by the server program. The client's APP knowledge needs to send and receive data. Because the user's mobile device hardware configuration and storage capacity are limited, the core data processing process is The server performs arithmetic processing. This method is also called cloud computing. After the server processing is completed, it is fed back to the client APP. Therefore, server-side program development is extremely important, and all functions need to be developed in strict accordance with the functions of the requirements analysis phase.
3. iOS/Android client development programmers perform client development according to the APP renderings, implement the code of the design renderings, write the interface called by the function, connect the server, and enable the data of the server to interact, develop and effect. Figure consistent client of the app.
4.APP program test to do APP software development, this article involves the APP development process. You need to understand the comprehensive test of the APP. This test simulates the user's possible problems in the case of normal use and abnormal use. Of course, you need to import the necessary data for testing, and continue to develop and repair the error, and then prove that the overall APP has been completed, and then hand over the finished product to the user for trial.
5. After uploading to the app store to complete the signature verification, the developed client app can be submitted to each app store. The iOS version of the app is submitted to Apple's AppStore, and Android is submitted to major Android app stores in China.
6. The maintenance and update of the APP maintains the APP after the online application, collects user feedback information, and promptly repairs bugs in the APP application. So, what specific operations are included in the later maintenance?
(1). Developer account maintenance for major application markets, such as Apple Store, Android system such as pea pod, Android market, wood ant, 360 market and other developer account updates.
(2) According to the user feedback after the first version of the app is online and the data analysis of the product, the next version of the update, function upgrade, section addition and so on.
At this point, a complete APP has been developed. From the initial demand analysis communication to the final APP test modification, the life cycle of the entire APP cannot be separated from the user's needs, because an app that is not recognized or used by users is not suitable. Only going to the end, in general: simple and comfortable interface + novel and attractive content + good server + regular update upgrade = good user experience.
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