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Simple APP development technology you need to know
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If you want to do a wide-ranging app, you need at least iOS and Android app versions. iOS development engineers need to use complex programming languages ​​such as Object-C/C/C++, and the iOS system is relatively closed. The cost of learning iOS development is high, and many companies are difficult to recruit excellent iOS engineers. At the same time, the application scenarios accompanying the Android system are more and more extensive, and the market demand is strong. Android engineers are no better than iOS. Then there is the development of the server. The business logic implementation, interface encapsulation and database development require at least one engineer respectively. The post-maintenance also requires the input of the operation and maintenance personnel. These talents are also a big test for enterprise recruitment.
These simple APP development techniques you need to understand, in addition, the time cost is relatively high, the development time is about 2-3 months, and the more complicated it takes 3-4 months. Today, Android fragmentation is so serious, there are hundreds of screen resolutions, and the system version spans dozens. The adaptation of the screen and system version brings great trouble to developers and takes up a lot of development. Time, Apple's annual release of new mobile phones or new systems make iOS development also have problems with screen and system version adaptation, the entire development cycle may be longer.
Then there is an update of the APP version that will go through a lengthy review cycle on the AppStore. Third-party statistical reports show that 17% of APP versions are updated weekly, and 48% of APP versions are updated monthly, so the rapid iteration of the version is one of the important factors that a successful app should pay attention to.
How to solve these problems?
These simple APP development techniques need to understand that there are many cross-platform App development tools at home and abroad, such as Appcelerator, PhoneGap, etc. Developers can compile apps for iOS, Android and other platforms at the same time by writing code once. Install packages and run consistently on all platforms; in addition, cross-platform development tools usually use simpler and easier to learn languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and companies with Web foundation can even cut into the development of the app without learning costs. This will make it easier for companies to find developers and shorten development time. Cross-platform development tools help the integration of smart devices and personal computers, making app development easier and providing domestic developers with a convenient way to develop, but for domestic developers, foreign products in use and local services Not easy enough, at the same time, these tools only solve the accelerated development of the client in the App product development process, and do not provide related technologies to accelerate the development of the server.
Not only to develop the APP but also to shorten the time cost of development, this is a market conclusion for the APP, to seize the market opportunity is the first step. These cross-platform development tools not only save development time and money, but also provide a convenient way for web developers and those who are creative and passionate about app development to make ideas come true soon.
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