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What should I pay attention to in the middle of APP producti
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What do you need to do in the early stage of an APP customization? In fact, the whole product development can be successful without a bad end, and most of the factors are in the early communication. On the one hand, the accurate communication of communication, whether the company B development company misunderstood Party A's intentions, on the other hand, whether the communication is complete, and half of the development of the company is not satisfactory to both parties.
I. The achievement rate of effective communication in the early stage The intermediate part of APP production needs to pay attention to what people's thinking is diffuse and different. When more people describe the product, they will extract a prototype that they think is ok. Most of the time I would say this "I think this can also be..." I think this can be the case..." Imagine if this was in the early stages of product development, then facing developers is disastrous. The adjustment of your function needs to be re-evaluated, designed, developed, tested, and the resulting conflicting bugs are unpredictable. Of course, this is a serious description. However, it may be that a development team's work for a few days will be ineffective due to changes in demand, and the frequency is high. The enthusiasm and rigor of the entire development team are difficult to maintain. And the customer will feel that the company is not reasonable, just how to adjust a small thing.
If you want the whole thing to happen quickly and efficiently, please put all the questions in the early stage, question the idea, overthrow the refactoring, and then quickly advance. Another way is to use a relatively neutral method to decompose a system with a larger system. The original development cycle is three months. In the first one and a half months, the function points that have been determined are completed to be a runnable 1.0, and the new function points or changed requirements of the customer are placed in the back to focus on the evaluation and advancement. This way has to be improved and organized.
Second, the contract drafting and acceptance assurance First, the contract is legally efficient. Whether the outsourcing company fails to launch a runnable version as expected or the customer fails to pay the money on time, the specific terms are subject to the contract. Then the entire framework of all contracts is the same, the only difference is the terms inside, such as how to divide the sub-section in several periods: 442 or 3322. The contract is naturally divided into Party A and Party B. As Party A, you must ensure that your authority is bound to the outsourcing company: you want them to ensure that there is no BUG running when the product is delivered, there is a BUG how much deduction; you have to set aside time to observe different models of different platforms. Run, all generally have one to two months to pay the final payment; you ensure that all code ownership belongs to you, who is the account that iOS publishes on the Appstore, whether to finally give you the source code for later iteration.
In addition, most of the outsourcing companies now have an acceptance document in the acceptance process. You can understand that the contract has already delivered the product. The outsourcing company said that I have finished it for you. If you sign up, we will end the contract. (Of course, according to specific terms) Third, customer collaboration is better than contract negotiation. The intermediate part of APP production needs to pay attention to what kind of pleasant relationship is desired by anyone. The result will always be different because of various problems. I want to persuade everyone not to go to the stage of contract negotiation or litigation when they can negotiate, and the time cost and manpower involved are the most expensive. The outsourcing company is hoping to quickly end this project has achieved profitability, the more the better; looking for outsourcing is to hope that the product is fast and no BUG on-line, the faster the time, the lower the price, the better. Therefore, both sides should proceed towards this goal. The fact that customer collaboration is better than contract negotiation means that customers, that is, Party A should express their ideas as much as possible in the early stage, and ensure that the other party is open to the product that they understand and imagine, and that they are required in the product development cycle. One product after another has ensured that the progress of this process is unbiased. The development team should maintain a certain rate of progress to give customers an understanding of the progress of the development team every day and the possible changes in the middle, etc., to ensure that every step of the product is known and recognized by the customer, and does not do useless work.
In the traditional outsourcing company sales department and development department are opposite, because sales in the early stage promised too many functions, and this is not reflected in the contract, the actual implementation of the people are development teams, all sales exaggerated Commitment is their bitter sea. Therefore, the client has to communicate with the project manager, and the project manager has to communicate with the development team. - Cut is interoperable.
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