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About us

Baibarr Technology Group(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong and is open to Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. The core technical team is located on the 10th floor of the Yuehai Hotel office building in Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City. The office area is more than 800 square meters and the number of employees is 50.

Focus on system integration, weak power engineering, gaming software, mall systems, virtual currency and various APP development The company has in-depth research and accumulation in systems integration, building intelligence, weak electrical engineering related, gaming related, catering, hotel, medical, business complex, chain enterprises and mobile payment related fields, and is committed to providing customers with one-stop integrated solutions. Research and implementation of integrated soft and hard application technology.

The company has always adhered to independent innovation. The software products produced and operated have completely independent intellectual property rights in China. In technology and the market, it has established close strategic cooperation alliances with many well-known enterprises, institutions, and universities.

Baibarr Technology Group(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Our service
Hardware and Big Data Systems
Hardware and Big Data Systems
  • System integration
  • Weak electrical engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smart Customer Data Platform
Betting and Block Chain System
Betting and Block Chain System
  • Gambling system
  • Block chain financial instrument system
  • Block Chain Driven Data Market
  • Source system
 Mobile Internet
Mobile Internet
  • APP development
  • WeChat Mall
  • Responsive website
  • Mini-program
Mobile payment technology
Mobile payment technology
  • Mobile payment technology service providers
  • Multi-scene aggregation payment
  • Gateway, Express Payment
  • Subscriptions
Our strengths
Quite a reputation and a good reputation

Has a wide range of industry cooperation resources, and has a good reputation and reputation among the majority of customer groups.

Proactive project development solutions

Based on the Internet, focus on the Internet to provide customers with first-class technology solutions.

Professional project implementation team

Personnel engaged in project management, technology research and development and system testing have rich professional skills and industry experience.

Experience in project implementation and customer service

With the implementation of over 500 solutions and the successful service experience of nearly 100 domestic companies, we are fully capable and capable of providing personalized and customized services to our customers.